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I just wanted to say "thanks" to Patty and Kathy for pulling everything together (great job!), to Linda for the delicious food, to Helen and her husband for opening up their home to us for the bonfire (wasn't it nice that the weather cooperated?), to Janet for the wonderful decorations that brought back memories, and last but not least, to Steve and his wife, Kathy, for providing the hall, the music, good conversation, and making my husband feel welcome!


It was fun to get reacquainted with Kathy Magyar again and to watch everyone at the bonfire try to figure out who the "bearded guy from our class" was (it was my husband from Midview). And to David Styer (alias Guy Fudor) (and his wonderful wife), thanks for your great sense of humor and making us all laugh!


To Randy, John Shuster, and Gene, thanks for bringing the sunshine with you from Florida (next time, please bring warmer temperatures), and to Bruce "Icky" Ives, thanks for just being you...I'll never forget you showing up at the picnic Sunday with the police officer and getting "handcuffed" even though I told the officer that you did belong with our group!!


And to Roena, I will be thinking about you.


My husband, Gary, and I had a wonderful, fun filled weekend and look forward to seeing some of you in the near future...everyone take care, and God Bless.

Sharon Simmons Moore

Thank You Jan!!!  

Thank Me?  Hey we all  worked hard and it was such a pleasure. As I was coming home I thought so much about what happened this weekend and how blessed we all are for having our lives touch each other again.  It couldn't have been more perfect and what happened there was so neat and beautiful.  It wasn't just a celebration of being out of school 35 years, it was a celebration of our lives and who we are and turned out to be.  How lucky are we to have that and to have gotten over those insecurities from high school and just truly enjoy each for who we are.  That's what I hoped would happen and it did.

I think what I am most thankful for is having our committee become such a 'family'.  I think that at our age it means so much.

The friendships that developed from this mean so much to me.

I have enjoyed reacquainting with Steve but also getting to know you. You are both wonderful and I truly feel so blessed to count you as my friends. 

Thank you for all of your help but most of all thank you for your friendship.

I love you both,


Dear Jan, and also Steve, Helen, Bill, Linda and Patti

You couldn't be more right about a perfect weekend. What fun, even the committee meetings and like you said, renewing our friendships and being a team. And as far as efforts, your decorations and special touches meant so much. It set the atmosphere for a great time. Steve, your thoughtfulness with the rose, the generosity of the hall, sound equipment, webmaster extraordinaire, and lining up the DJ. Patti, your gift of organization and public speaking and you started the ball rolling. Bill, thank you so much for being you, thoughtful, kind and what a Sunday event person you were, I think you lined up that beautiful weather we ended up having. Helen, where do I begin, the hostess with the mostest, your generosity went beyond the call of duty. Linda, thank you for the raffle and the beautiful rose idea and lining that up and being the caterer contact. With the realization sickness and death, though always there, we might not ever ever have this opportunity again with some of the classmates. It was a pleasure and privilege to be a part of it all. See you on the 27th.

Love you all. Kathy  W.


Aren't we a fun bunch? I really wasn't expecting such energy, so much dancing, so much talking. It was great to be able to renew friendships. And haven't we aged well? What a good looking bunch of "50+something" people. Now that we've connected via the internet and in person, let's stay in touch. For those of you who weren't with us on Saturday night, here's a listing of the obligatory awards we presented:


First to Register- Debbie Martin

Came the Furtherest- Cecelia Varner (State of Washington)

Most Recently Married- Cecelia Varner (2 years)

Fewest Hairs- Jim Dobney

Most Grandchildren- Rodney Eaton (10)

Last to Register- Gary Lattimer

Most Jobs Since High School- Sharon Simmons (Worked for temp agency for a few years, so....)

Married to same person the longest- Kay Pope (34 years)

Youngest Child- Gary Lattimer (10 years of age)

Best Tatoo -Cecilia Varner

Least Changed- Janet Hansen


Love to you all. If you're ever in Wellington, come visit me at Wellington Implement.


Love, Patti Young

Steve and Kathy, you did so much to make this event come off as
'fantastic' Your efforts made it a special event for all to enjoy.
Please be kind in posting pictures, but we are all waiting in
anticipation of their addition to 'our' website. It did give us all the
connection we needed to feel welcome and connected to make the reunion
happen. Thanks for all your work on it. always -Cathy L.

To Kathy W.

Great job, Hal felt very comfortable being an extra at the party that
> made the night really nice. Thank you Kathy. -cathy

Dear Committee Members,

I think one word describes the reunion, "incredible"! Starting with the
incredible job you people did with organizing, getting in contact with
people, the courage it takes to believe it can and will happen (that people
will actually show up), the decorations, etc. at the hall, the booklet, on
and on. Incredible that you can see someone after 35 years and yet when you
actually meet them again it is like it was yesterday. Incredible to the
people who traveled so far to make it what it was. I enjoyed every minute.
Incredible that after not seeing people after so much time, it was over so
fast. It was a weekend that no one will ever forget. Great job and thanks.


P.S. One disappointment, I didn't take more pictures. If I could get a few
medium resolution (~350K if possible) digital pictures from someone that
would be great!

Hi Kathy


Thanks again for all the work you guys did! That was one of the best weekends (without sex) that I've had in a long time. It was great to see that everyone, in the long run, has had a good life and seems to be happy. I didn't have one person tell me about their gall bladder operation! Take care, keep in touch and the best to you and Clint.


AH  (Cousin of Exchange Student Fedor)

AKA Randy

Hats off to the entire committee. I have enjoyed going to the website many times to see the pictures. Lola called and gave me all the scoop on you all. I have so many memories, a lot I have shared with Jan and Lola. Some I don't care to share, Lola and I were known for trouble on occasion. You all look great and what a great time to come together. I have kept in touch with many older and younger schoolmates and they all agree that the class of 1967 in their eyes was one of the closest and most fun classes of WHS. I received a nice email from Randy Saxe today, what a cutie. Jan the decorations looked great, Kathy you did a great job on keeping in touch, Steve the website is absolutely wonderful, and Bill what can I say, you are always my special bud. I am feeling better. Still on bedrest. Everyone please keep in touch. I really missed a special night. My best wishes for health, happinesss and success to you all. Hoping to hear from some of you, soon. Always, Donna Carpenter Schlenbaker. If you are ever in Toledo area, my home is yours. GO DUKES!!!!!!!!

Funny Email

Kathy W: I found a picture of a Guy Fedor at a helicoptor training website and sent it to DS. Told him that I found him out as an imposter!



Apparently it is a popular name. But, I am the one that you will always remember!!

Great find. I was the most worried about you abilities. May I use your exploits in my story?


Guy Fed..., err... Rock, err... DS, err. Sweetie Pie, err. Dear, err... Big ..., huh. Oh Well.

Well, there are so many of them that sometimes, even the I have trouble remembering them.

PS   Hope that all found it entertaining and did not take offense. I really enjoyed meeting the Class and have real regrets for the missed years. What a truly wonderful group. Thanks for everything -- you time and energy in planning and preparation. As I am now only about 45 mins from Wellington, would like to be in on the "Reindeer fun" of planning the next one? I think the idea of the cruise is a wonderful idea and would be willing to work on the committee.


Kathy W.  Reply:


Are you kidding? Offense? Between Icky getting "handcuffed" at the Sunday picnic and our beloved exchange student, those will be my fondest new memories of my classmates. Stop by any time.  Bye KW.


From the posts it sounds like John and I missed a great weekend with everyone.  We hate we missed it.  We had planned on being there but family happenings changed our plans.  Thank you to the organizational team that planned the event.  Hopefully there will be a 40th and we will be at that one.
If anyone took any video, or has pictures we could buy prints of, we would enjoy that.  Please let us know.
John and I are in Nesbit, MS. It is just over the state line from Memphis, TN.  So if anyone is in the area, do give us a call.  We are in the Memphis phone book. Actually, there are two John Wackers listed.  Either one will get you in touch with us as the other John is our son.
John is an Avionics Tech with FedEx.  He has worked there for 26 years now.  I stay busy as the most blessed wife, mother, and grandmother in the world.
Love to hear from you,
John and Brenda

Just want to say thanks to everyone who put so much work into organizing our class reunion. It was really worth the trip up there. To see everyone and talk about old memories was really fantastic. The bon fire at Helen's house was really nice (thanks Helen). The tour of the school brought back a lot of memories, good and bad, I just can't imagine how much the school hasn't changed in all those years. We left Ohio on Wednesday (Oct.16) to travel back to Florida, the day we left it was cold and rainy, sure was nice to get back home and wear shorts again. "You all" should move down here, our next reunion could be a beach party.

Again thanks to all for your hard work


John Shuster

Patti, Kathy, Helen, Janet, Linda, Steve & Bill,

Without all of your inspiration and dedication, this reunion would not have taken place. Thank-you all... what a wonderful feeling it was to see so many old friends and classmates! Let's not wait 5 years to get together again.


Sandie (Hunt) Adams